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Suzanne Sutter

The Gift of a Wish

I first became captivated by the magic of Make-A-Wish® mission in 1997 when my company, Things Remembered, was invited to help grant Elysia’s wish.

Suzanne SutterElysia wished to create personalized gifts for her friends and family with her heartfelt words, “Thank you, I love you, and always remember me.” Through that wish, Elysia got 62 personalized gifts engraved with her message, and Make-A-Wish got me as a supporter for life.

Over the years, I have been able to experience the joy of Make-A-Wish from many different perspectives — as a chapter board member, as a national corporate sponsor and, eventually, as chairwoman of the National Board of Directors.

In addition to dedicating my time, I believe it is important to support Make-A-Wish with my financial resources. I personally contribute to Make-A-Wish annually and am a member of Make-A-Wish’s Chris Greicius Society of Joy, the Society of Strength and the 25th Anniversary Society. Make-A-Wish brings joy to the lives of wish kids and families daily, but it has also brought a great deal of joy to my life. I am proud to support such an amazing organization.