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Make-A-Wish Remembers Kevin Sharp

Kevin Sharp lived his wish and went on to do even more.
The world knew Kevin Sharp as a country star. Make-A-Wish knew him as a wish kid. And I knew Kevin as a genuine, reflective human being who made the world better.

I first encountered Kevin Sharp in the late 90s when I introduced him as the surprise guest speaker at a country industry seminar I helped organize. By that time, he already had a Top 10 country hit. Kevin Sharp was a for-real, established, well-known country act.

After I introduced him, he made an real connection with all 800 people in the audience, starting with me. Kevin addressed us all from the heart. There was no script. He just brought us into his world and his struggle.

Even then, I could tell that Kevin Sharp felt destined for more – as an artist, as a survivor, as an author, as a person. He exuded a fighting spirit and self-belief that convinced me that he would continue to live his dream of being a performer.

Kevin was already a success at that point. But I noticed that he was still in awe that he had the opportunity to perform, that people around the world listened to his songs. His humility was honest and natural.

Kevin Sharp was proof that good people can accomplish great things and be a positive force for others. As an organization, Make-A-Wish recognized his accomplishments the reason we exist – to give the kids we serve a chance to truly live.

And as a person, I saw in Kevin a person who did everything possible to lift everyone around him. 

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Aaron Bedford

To this day the one Kevin Sharp concert I attended back in 99 is the best show I have ever been to

April 21, 2014 - 8:17 PM

dayna saum

I saw kevin in 2001 in California.and I will never forget how he stopped singing to talk to my mom who couldn't come cause my grandma was in the hospital not doing well. I've always felt Kevin's songs deeply and he will be missed dearly. God rest, kevin, your job here is done .now u can be pain free we'll miss you!

May 12, 2014 - 2:04 AM

Karen Mortenson

Kevin was an amazing person. He has an especially close and devoted family that taught him (and all of us who knew them) what true love is really all about. Kevin's father sang at my Dad's funeral years ago, and the entire congregation was moved to tears. He passed this gift to Kevin-the ability to reach people's hearts through music and speaking from the soul.

My heart goes out to his mom, Elaine (one of the greatest women I have ever known), and all of the family and friends he leaves behind. We feel your loss and what you have gone through.

Although he is dearly missed, without a doubt, he is doing great works where he is now.

Make-A-Wish did so much more than granting the wish of one person. By fulfilling Kevin's wish, they helped him to impact countless lives and change the world for the better.

April 07, 2015 - 11:09 AM

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