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Wish Wednesday - Wishes Inspired by Books

Fault in Our Stars
Make-A-Wish kids often discover strength between the pages of a book, and kids who wished to meet the authors and characters of their favorite stories are grabbing news attention.

Hailey is a 9-year-old from Michigan who wished  to share her favorite book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and its message of kindness with fellow students at Burns Park Elementary School. Hailey was diagnosed with a lymphatic malformation at birth and has been through multiple surgeries to remove the tumor from her face. She saw herself in the novel’s protagonist, Auggie, who was born with a facial deformity. On June 3, Hailey jumped up to a knock on her third-grade classroom door to find Palacio on the other side. According to local news site, the pair enjoyed lunch and played together at recess, and Hailey was able to pass on the book’s message of kindness to her classmates. 

Penelope goes to ParisPenelope, 6, has acute lymphoblastic leukemia and endured a bone marrow transplant. She spends her days reading the Madeline books series and hosting tea parties with her family in true Parisian fashion. She wished to travel to Madeline’s hometown of Paris and to have her favorite storybook character join her for a tea party. With help from Make-A-Wish, Penelope’s favorite book took her all the way to France, where she sipped tea and ate crumpets with an actress playing the part of Madeline. Their day together included singing French songs and, of course, reading.

The release of the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars left the media world and the Make-A-Wish community buzzing. The newly released film is based on John Green’s 2012 novel, which follows the love story of teenage cancer patients and survivors Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Many wish kids felt a connection to the story, including 13-year-old Maggie, who was one of the first people to see the film in February, shortly before passing away. Last week, Make-A-Wish kids Emily, Madelyn and Tessa joined Green and cast members on the red carpet for the premiere. Seventeen-year-old Tessa is battling lung cancer, similar to the book’s leading lady. To make the experience more magical, Make-A-Wish delivered the news that she would be attending the premiere at a Dutch-themed picnic, just like the one found in the novel, reported the San Jose Mercury News.

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