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Cassandra points her toes & twirls

Cassandra becomes a ballerina

“ She’s a world away from the fears and pains of her leukemia. ”

The tiny ballerina happily dances away wearing a pink tutu and delicate new ballet slippers. Three-year-old Cassandra enjoys her ballerina bliss pointing her toes among other dancers dressed in flowing blue tulles. She’s a world away from the fears and pains of her leukemia.

Make-A-Wish® North Texas arranges a glamorous day of dance for this young girl as she struggles to keep her poise during her treatments for her critical illness.

Finally, it’s the morning of her wish and Cassandra follows a reCassandra becomes a ballerinad carpet to a limousine with her family. They stop at Merle Norman Cosmetics where Cassandra squirms excitedly as a make-up artist applies eye shadow, blush and lipstick.

Now it’s jewelry. Cassandra selects a glittering golden necklace and a ballet slipper charm.

A costume fitting then completes Cassandra’s prima ballerina look and the family sets off to Longview Ballet Theatre for her debut.

A group of dancers, dressed like Cassandra’s Barbie dolls, from the Longview Ballet junior are excited to share the power of a wish® as they prepare to dance alongside Cassandra.

This young wish kid’s eyes sparkle when she enters the dance studio and begins twirling around the room with all the dancers. Her eminent joy brings tears to the audience because they know this is the spectacular experience Cassandra deserves.

Cassandra bows to heartfelt applause accepting a bouquet, even though she doesn’t want to leave all her new friends.

Her wish experience is an unforgettable moment for her family as they are able to simply enjoy Cassandra’s beautiful dancing spirit. It not only touches their lives though, it impacts the lives of volunteers and businesses involved.

After Cassandra says goodbye, Pat George Mitchell – dance studio owner – tells a reporter from the Longview News-Journal, “This has been the most meaningful experience of my career.”

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I really struggled to hold down the lump in my throat as I read Cassandra's story; the pictures alone stole my heart. As a mother of a healthy 18 month old little girl, I can only imagine the anguish and helplessness that parents of ill children must experience, and I count my blessings daily. It's difficult to read these stories, but to families that don't encounter difficulties such as these this is a fantastic way to bring awareness! I've been inspired to do my part in making a difference in these fragile lives. Thank you for opening my eyes. God bless!

March 08, 2008 - 1:04 PM


This story made tears roll down my face. Earlier today, my teacher told our class a story about her nephew and his experience with Make-A-Wish. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor when he was six years old, and the diagnosis was very sudden, and debilitated his walking, talking, hearing and vision. He had eight months to live. After his first round of chemo, he was well enough to walk, talk, run, and play normally, but not well enough to live. His wish was to go to Disney World, and he got it. They catered to his every whim, and the family didn't have to pay for a thing. He died a few months later, but the story of the little boy and how happy it made him inspired me so much that I went to the website to see what I can do to help. When I saw this story, and saw that the little girl in the story is the same age as my baby sister, I just lost it. I could not hold back the tears. My school recently started a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish, and we have already raised over $3,000. I hope that someday I can grant someone their wish too. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

March 20, 2008 - 10:26 AM


This story was so cute. I'm doing a re-search project for school and I chose the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I decided to read some recent wishes and saw Cassandra's story. It was very heart touching and I can't wait to do my project on this miracle organization.

March 31, 2008 - 12:55 PM


What a blessing your organization is to children! I have read many stories of the wishes you grant children and they always bring a tear to my eyes. This one touched me very deeply. I am a mother of 3 grown healthy children and 2 grandchildren. My 2 daughters started dancing when they were 3 years old. The joy I experienced watching them preform something that was their wish to do always filled my heart, I can only imagine how Casandra's family felt watching her. God Bless and may he continue to bless your organization for all the hope and love you give to these children!!!!

December 04, 2009 - 7:28 AM


The Make A Wish Foundation plays such an important part in these families lives. When I was six years old I myself was stricken with leukemia. My wish was going to Disney World. This would not have been possible without the wonderful support of all the sponsors and doners. Cassandra you keep on fighting and never give up. God is watching over you and remember that you can beat this! You are an amazing little girl. Always keep dance in your heart. Keep being the true spirit that you are. You can do it!

December 26, 2009 - 9:02 PM

June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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