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Scarlet and her Hawaiian Paradise

Scarlet wished to go to Hawaii

Hawaii was the perfect escape!


Scarlet’s wish combined some of the things she likes best in life: seafood, 1950s beach music and spending time with her family. She wished to go to Hawaii, and Make-A-Wish supporters and Subaru of America made her wish come true.

Scarlet’s trip to Hawaii took her away from thoughts of being treated for neuroblastoma. She spent time hula dancing on the beach, swimming in the ocean and wearing beautiful flower leis. During her five-day stay on the Big Island, Scarlet and her family ate lots of gelato and spent time in the sun kayaking and snorkeling in the warm ocean water. Most importantly, though, they spent time together.

The impact of a wish like Scarlet’s is everlasting. She and her family will share memories of their time in Hawaii for a long time! In a hand-written note to Make-A-Wish, Scarlet let her wish-granting volunteers know that she loved “all of it!”

Make-A-Wish supporters and Subaru of America helped make this wish come true.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM